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A Call to the Deep




No agenda

No time limits

No itinerary

No plan or expected results

Not to get

Not to ask

It’s so much more

Too many come to check it off the list

To validate who or what they claim to follow

To satisfy the “I should” that silently whispers in their ears, yet they miss the point of relationship.

They long to hear, yet they listen not.

They want what’s best, but only if it fits the box, keeps the comfort levels ‘just right’ and isn’t too 'crazy' or ‘foolish’.

I am so limited in this box.

I long to reveal, to guide, to show a side many will never experience without opening the box, or breaking the box.

There has been such a dissatisfaction for many with the ‘church experience’ or with ‘Jesus’.

Yet somehow I was missed in it all or perhaps some never made it past the ‘entrance’.

For there is a cost

One that many refuse or are reluctant to pay

Many talk about paying the cost yet actions reveal different.

It costs everything

Yet the cost is so minimal

It’s a trade

Your life for mine

It was never designed to be an ‘add on’

I am not a side kick to your life

I AM life.

I AM the source.

True life cannot be found outside of me

Outside of relationship

Relationship is not obligatory, dutiful, or ritualistic

It is not dead, repetitive, and dry

Relationship is not with a structure or service, but with a person

It is life giving and brings joy at the root

It is transformative

It is purposeful

It is why you were created

Relationship doesn’t have a formula

It just is

It exists all the time

It is not compartmentalized

It is waiting

It is sitting It is enjoying

No matter where you are, no matter who you’re with. Come deeper and discover it It’s more than you assume and presume

It’s available for those who want it. Will you come?

Written by Raelyn Harrison


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